Airbus aircraft MTOW data

The Maximum Take-off Weight data for the most popular Airbus aircraft models could be found below.

Aircraft ModelDescriptionLowest MTOW (Tonnes)Highest MTOW (Tonnes)Remarks
Airbus A300 B1Two engined short-medium range wide-body.137.0137.0Out of production. First commercial aircraft produced by Airbus.
Airbus A300 B4-100Two engined medium range wide-body.130.0160.0Out of production.
Airbus A300 B4-200, A300 C4-200, A300 F4-200Two engined medium range wide-body.147.5165.0Out of production.
Airbus A300-600 SeriesTwo engined medium-range wide-body140.0171.0Out of production
Airbus A300-B4 (200/300) SeriesTwo engined medium-range wide-body134.0142.0Out of production
Airbus A310-200Two engined medium-range wide-body125.0144.0Out of production
Airbus A310-300Two engined medium range wide-body.134.0164.0Out of production.
Airbus A318Two engined short-range narrow-body56.068.0In production.
Airbus A319Two engined short-range narrow-body62.076.5In production.
Airbus A320Two engined short-range narrow-body66.078.0In production.
Airbus A321Two engined short-range narrow-body78.093.5In production.
Airbus A330-200Two engined long-range wide-body192.0238.0In production.
Airbus A330-200FTwo engined medium-range freighter aircraft227.0233.0In production.
Airbus A330-300 (-301/321/322/341/342)Two engined medium and long-range wide-body184.0217.0Out of production.
Airbus A330-302/303 OnlyTwo engined medium and long-range wide-body190.0242.0In production.
Airbus A330-323 and -343 onlyTwo engined medium and long-range wide-body184.0242.0In production.
Airbus A340-200/300Four engined long-range wide-body253.5276.5Out of production.
Airbus A340-500Four engined ultra-long-range wide-body368.0380.0Out of production.
Airbus A340-600Four engined long-range large wide-body365.0380.0Out of production.
Airbus A380-800Four engined long-range large wide-body490.0575.0In production.