Airline Industry Review

Boeing aircraft MTOW data

Aircraft ModelDescriptionLowest MTOW (Tonnes)Highest MTOW (Tonnes)Remarks
Boeing 747-100Four engined medium-range large wide-body aircraft.333.4333.4Out of production.
Boeing 747-200BFour engined medium-range large wide-body aircraft.377.8377.8Out of production.
Boeing 747-200CFour engined medium-range large wide-body aircraft.377.8377.8Out of production
Boeing 747-200FFour engined large freighter aircraft.377.8377.8Out of production
Boeing 747-300Four engined medium-range large wide-body aircraft.377.8377.8Out of production
Boeing 747-400/ ERFour engined long-range large wide-body aircraft.396.9396.9Out of production.
Boeing 747-400FFour engined large freighter aircraft.396.9396.9Out of production.
Boeing 747-8Four engined long-range large wide-body aircraft.447.7447.7In production.
Boeing 747-8FFour engined very large freighter aircraft.447.7447.7In production.
Boeing 757-200Two engined medium-range large narrow-body aircraft.108.9115.9Out of production.
Boeing 757-200PFTwo engined narrow-body freighter aircraft.115.9115.9Converted model.
Boeing 757-300Two engined medium-range large narrow-body aircraft.123.8123.8Out of production.
Boeing 767-200Two engined medium-range medium wide-body aircraft.175.5179.2-
Boeing 767-300Two engined medium-range medium wide-body aircraft.184.6186.9-
Boeing 767-300F, -300BCFTwo engined medium-range freighter aircraft.186.9186.9Out of production.
Boeing 767-400ERTwo engined medium-range medium wide-body aircraft.204.1204.1-
Boeing 777-200 IGWTwo engined long-range medium wide-body aircraft.297.6297.6-
Boeing 777-200ERTwo engined medium-range medium wide-body aircraft.247.2247.2-
Boeing 777-200LRTwo engined ultra long-range medium wide-body aircraft.340.2347.8In production. Boeing's longest range commercial aircraft.
Boeing 777-300Two engined medium-range large wide-body aircraft.299.4299.4Out of production.
Boeing 777-300ERTwo engined long-range large wide-body aircraft.340.2351.5In production.
Boeing 787-8Two engined long-range medium wide-body aircraft.227.9227.9In production.
Boeing 787-9Two engined long-range medium wide-body aircraft.252.7252.7In production.