How to Earn Customer Trust ?

How to Build Trust ?

There are many ways an airline can build trust with their customers. But when it comes to the airline’s website and social media – they need to take two different ways.

1. Website

The main goal of the modern airline website is neither to show your route network nor to talk about your management – but to make sales. To do this, the website needs to be shown trustworthy. Trustworthy in a way, that shows your airline is a trustworthy institution.
To make it happen, you do not need either the cheapest fares or the largest route network ( although they play a small part ). What it takes is a professional and clean website that proves your airline as trustworthy.
Stating the actual ticket prices, and clearly marking when you have to switch planes – can take you a long way. The most important part nevertheless, is to have a well functioning booking engine.

2. Social Media
For an airline to earn trust in social media, it takes a totally different approach. Show your airline as a trustworthy human.
The goal of social media should be to establish connections with your current and prospective customers. The only reason why people use social media is to establish connections, connections with humans. And the best and only way is showing the human side of your airline.

This trust helps the airline to more easily achieve the call to action they need – people travelling more.

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