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UL new CEO

According to insiders, Manoj Gunawardena has been appointed as the new CEO of SriLankan and his brother, Sajin Vaas will act as unofficial CEO of Mihin Lanka as to avoid a public conflict as two people from same family are the CEOs. Government will merge the two careers (which might be renamed to get a name related to the word – Mahinda – which is unsure and I can’t be responsible about the truth) and Mihin Lanka will be given some of UL’s profitable routes in order to show good financial results as there is a public dispute going on about government illegally injecting money to Mihin.
However when analyzing next winter flight schedules through OAG, it was clear to me that no new destination has been launched and no new aircraft have been added. No new frequencies have been added, except to Mumbai and interline connectivity seem way less than it was when under EK management.

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