An App Store for Airline Flight Bookings

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An App Store for Airline Flight Bookings

The last few years have seen an astonishing rise to popularity, and also equally success, of various ‘stores’. Ranging from Apple’s wildly popular iTunes to the Chrome Web Store to the AppStore to the Android Market to the Nokia Store – all of these internet based stores have shown that client based service delivery is the future for online purchases.
Not only do they significantly cut the distribution cost for the provider, they also increase the discoverability for your content. And the ease of use attracts the user to use it more often (I cannot remember the last time I downloaded an app from a developer’s website – I always go to the Nokia Store on my N8 which is fast, and convenient).
So, why not a web/app store for an airline?
Within this store, the airline could directly deliver to the user what they need, and cut the distribution cost (which accounts to over 2% of legacy airline costs) while at the same time increasing the opportunity for more ticket sales.
Here are some highlights/tips

  • The client store ‘app’ will be available as a download for Windows, Mac, as well as various mobile OSes such as Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Phone
  • The app will feature the following as its core elements
  • Flight timetables
  • Flight booking
  • Check in
  • Frequent Flyer Programme miles collecting and redeeming
  • The airline could make the following ancillary services available at a commission to the airline
    • Hotel bookings
    • Car rentals
  • And the airline can also include sponsored adverts from organizations/events such as the following, at a fee
    • Hotels
    • Museums
    • Amusement parks
    • Operas
    • Transport providers

    The cost would be easily more than offset by the savings and the income it brings, and will deliver a very convenient, and seamless interaction with the airline to the potential passengers. The already clear willingness to install ‘Store’s by the customer means that the first airline to develop a well designed¬†‘airline store’ will probably have a runaway success with it.

    Isn’t it a good business idea to consider in the new year?


    P.S: It should be noted that while some airlines already have desktop flight search applications, the store defined here goes well beyond of what has been done so far. Futuristic, as it may sound to some – these technologies are already widely available and can be readily implemented by an airline with the willingness.

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