Frequency Downgrades from SriLankan

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Frequency Downgrades from SriLankan

Following is the SriLankan Airlines flight schedule from May 2008.

Destination – Flights per week – Status

Bangalore 4 Downgraded
Delhi 3 Downgraded
Dubai 7 Downgraded
Kuwait 6 Downgraded
Doha 2 Downgraded
Muscat 3 Downgraded
Male 11 in April, 15 in Oct. Slightly Downgraded
Chennai 14 Normal
Tiruchirapally 9 Slightly downgraded
Calicut 8 Normal
Thiruvananthapuram 10 Downgraded
Kochi 9 Normal
Hyderbad 7 Downgraded
London 9 in October Highly Downgraded
Frankfurt 3 Downgraded
Paris 3 Downgraded
Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Houston, Zurich, Munich, Dusseldorf, Jakarta All Cancelled (codeshares with EK)
Mumbai 13 Normal

Analysis – Network destinations are down to 40 from 53. Indian frequencies per week are down to 83 from 100.
Middle East was one of the biggest revenue makers for SriLankan and all Mid Eastern frequencies have been downgraded. UL previously operated 28 flights per week (inc. codeshares) to Dubai and this has now been downgraded to only 7 flights per week. SriLankan previously operated a mix of A340s and A330s on this route and now all the flights have been downgraded to A330s. Emirates previously operated a mix of A330s and Boeing 777s on the route and all the flights have now been upgraded to Boeing 777s with First Class onboard.
London has always been a first priority destination to SriLankan and it’s a wonder that this route has been downgrade to just 9 frequencies per week from 12. However this is expected to be increased again from November. It is learnt that most of these frequency reduced routes might be given to Mihin Lanka which will see a fleet expansion with the addition of two more aircraft acquired using a loan from the Bank of Ceylon. These aircraft are to be maintained by SriLankan Engineering in the future as maintaining these aircrafts was one of the highest expenditures for Mihin in the past.

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