How to motivate your employees

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How to motivate your employees

Motivating their employees is an issue that many airlines face. It has now become common to see walk-outs by staff at many airlines. Among all of this, there are also airlines whose staff are totally dedicated to making their airlines a success. What is the secret that those airlines have learnt that others haven’t? Better pay? Not essentially.

The key is making work a passion, not a chore.

Whenever a person is doing a ‘chore’, they often hate what they do and their sole intention is to earn something out of it. They wait all the day for the time that their work shift ends. Such workers have absolutely no intention of making their airlines a success, but just to make a living out of it.

In contrast, a person who is passionate about his work will often be willing to go the extra mile for his airline’s success. The pay does not matter to him, and he will be willing to work overtime to achieve something better for his airline. For the passionate worker, the airline is a part of his life.

You might think that such employees are hard to find. But that is not the truth. In fact, in my opinion, finding passionate employees are easier in this high profile “high-flying” industry than at any other. Airlines such as AirAsia have proven it.

What matters is conveying to your employees that the airline cares about them, and relies on them. The secret is creating a relationship with the employees. It is not about who pays them the most, but about who treats them the best.

Help make the workplace a happy place for your employees. Let them know that no matter what you can pay them, you always have their best interest in your mind. Let them feel that the management and the employees both are from the same side and that one cannot live without the other. Let them realise that the airline is not yours, but theirs. Convey to them that their passion is what will make ‘their’ airline the best.

Make the airline something that the employees are proud about. Create that relationship with all of your employees alike. If you’re an executive, never be ashamed to talk nicely with the lowest ranking employees and the highest ranking ones alike, whenever you meet them. You’re guaranteed to find a passionate, motivated workforce that will make you proud. You will also find their hidden talents, as they are no longer afraid to make suggestions to you. And you will also notice that everyone is more productive, for they no longer have the fear of showing up.

Let me know what you achieve.

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