Industry in Transition : Finding the Airline 2.0 – New free eBook

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Industry in Transition : Finding the Airline 2.0 – New free eBook

My new eBook – Industry in Transition : Finding the Airline 2.0 – is released with this post today.

It is an eBook that is vastly different from the eBooks that I have previously written, and is both a collection of new thoughts as well as a view into the future.

Industry in Transition talks aout the present state of our industry, what is going to impact it in the next decade and what can airlines do to be best prepared for it. The eBook highlights about three major factors that is going to create a revolution to the industry’s present affairs and discusses about the areas that the airlines should focus to make the most out of them.

It is not only highlighting the biggest areas that an airline should be prepared to focus on but is also a guidebook on what is set to affect the airline industry not just in the next year, but the next decade. And it is short, and should be easy to read during your busy daily work schedule. So what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD it now (PDF, 405kb). There are no roadblocks, and no requests for email ddresses, just go ahead and read it. There’s no catch. But if you can send me an email, or add a comment below, with your opinion, that would be really encouraging. And, if you agree with my thinking, I am available for limited consulting as well [limited – since some airlines who have already agreed with my ideas are keeping me very busy].

The eBook is totally free to read and I actively encourage that you share it with your peers. This book is about a concept and is in fact is a small manifesto, and you can expect more content on the same topics on this blog soon.

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