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The Everyday New Year Resolution

“Just till I go to sleep today”.. You just want to be positive, keep your resolutions till the end of 1st january. But why ? Last morning I thought, I only need to keep positive mood till 12 noon. That’s when it will be 2030 to Kiribati and Tokelau. And it made me think, why…
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An App Store for Airline Flight Bookings

The last few years have seen an astonishing rise to popularity, and also equally success, of various ‘stores’. Ranging from Apple’s wildly popular iTunes to the Chrome Web Store to the AppStore to the Android Market to the Nokia Store – all of these internet based stores have shown that client based service delivery is…
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Saudi Arabia to Open the Domestic Market for Foreign Carriers

In a historic move, always-heavily-regulated Saudi Arabia has decided to open its domestic market for foreign airlines. This would mean the availability of 8th and 9th freedom rights, better known as the cabotage, to any interested carriers. Saudi Arabia’s new independent General Authority for Civil Aviation will make the routes available for application by late…
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Industry in Transition : Finding the Airline 2.0 – New free eBook

My new eBook – Industry in Transition : Finding the Airline 2.0 – is released with this post today. It is an eBook that is vastly different from the eBooks that I have previously written, and is both a collection of new thoughts as well as a view into the future. Industry in Transition talks…
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Southwest goes for the MAX

Southwest Airlines, the largest Boeing 737 customer, today announced that it has signed up for 150 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, and will become the type’s launch customer. The airline placed firm orders for 150 Boeing 737 MAXs, and also took options on 150 more. At the same time, Southwest also ordered 58 more 737NGs, adding…
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From administrators to leaders..

With Malaysia Airlines in for another restructuring, this paragraph from Idris Jala’s now popular (and then successful) MAS BTP1 is still valid today for most airlines.. We do not want ‘administrators’ to take up leadership positions. We want only leaders who deliver breakthrough performance such as turning around an unprofitable route, substantially increasing yield, dramatically…
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Delta Invests in GOL

In a significant strategical move for a US carrier, Delta Air Lines has announced that it will be investing up to USD100m for a minority stake in Brazilian hybrid Low Cost carrier Gol. GOL has already signed a binding agreement involving the transaction with Delta. This signals a move away from the traditional US major…
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What have they done great?

When somebody tries to endlessly criticize your idea, and tries to prove that you are no good and seems to only have the need of killing your idea, think to yourself.. Or ask them.. By the way, what have you done that’s so great? Do you create anything, or just criticize others work and belittle…
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FedEx Unveils the VIP Transporter

Yes, the Very Important Pandas transporter.. (Cannot view the video? Please click here.) FedEx Boeing 777 Freighter N892FD received this special Panda decal to transport some Pandas to the Edinburgh Zoo next week. You can read more about the trip here. A playback of the flight path could be found on PlaneFinder.

If you don’t care for your staff..

Something that I mentioned on Twitter a few days ago, gained a lot of popularity. So I am sharing it with you, today.. If you don’t care for your staff, they will not care for your customers. Many airlines need to learn this.