SriLankan to start non-stop Karachi

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SriLankan to start non-stop Karachi

From 18 Jan, SriLankan will make its Karachi service nonstop bypassing Mumbai. The service will be reduced from 3 to 2 weekly .

Flight details :
UL183 1430CMB 1750KHI 320
UL184 1850KHI 2250CMB 320

Service operates on day 3 and 7 ( Wednesday and Sunday ) .

[ Via Airline-route updates ]

Analysis: Moving onto a nonstop flight should be appreciated, however UL should have continued the BOM-KHI-BOM sector since it has traffic rights on this sector. UL made this announcement at once and with only a few days left to start the flight, just like it was with the Rome flight, this is nothing good at all and shows the current inefficiencient management growing at UL. Usually any airline announces any new flight at least three months earlier to get better traffic demands and to make the traffic popular within the travellers by having it up on GDSs for a longer time. This signals of a sudden changing decision making at UL ( just like it was, with the decision to not resume services to Coimbatore, Kozhikode, Kochi and Hyderabad – which should now be announced suprisingly with yet a few days left like this ) which is no good at all.

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