SriLankan to resume flights to Milan

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SriLankan to resume flights to Milan

SriLankan to resume MilanSriLankan A330 at Milan, in 2000. The pictured aircraft got destroyed an year later in the 24/07/01 terrorist attack.

It is reported that SriLankan Airlines will soon resume flights to Milan.
The new flights are likely to be operated via Frankfurt and will most possibly be operated as a tag on to the UL553 flight, which operates on Wed, Fri and Sun and resides at FRA for in excess of 7 hrs. in order to cater for connecting traffic.
SriLankan cancelled its flights to Milan following the terrorist attack at Colombo Airport in 24 July 2001, which destroyed half of its fleet.
It is still uncertain when the service will begin, but the source informed Airline Industry Review that it will begin “very soon”. However, keep in mind that this proposed route is still tentative and we cannot take any responsibility if SriLankan opts to change the plan.
Not sure if they read my article on how to take SriLankan to next level yesterday 🙂 , but it is always nice to see SriLankan expanding.

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